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In-person Learning -- 2020-21

In order to promote the safety of our staff and students, GVISD will follow the public health guidance from TEA and local health authorities. Our goal is to be as safe as we can be while being as least restrictive as possible.

  • Hand-sanitizer dispensers are installed in each classroom and sanitizer will be available in each office.

  • In accordance with the governor’s executive order, staff and students in grades 3 -12 will be required to wear a face mask when social distancing is not possible. PK-2 students may wear masks at their parent’s discretion.

  • Staff and students will self-screen daily for COVID symptoms.

  • Students will be spread out at lunch. Secondary campuses have added a third lunch period.

  • Transitions from class to class will be staggered.

  • Parents are encouraged to provide transportation to and from school. Those who wish to ride the bus will be required to wear a mask or face shield.

  • Drop-off and pick-up procedures will be modified. Campuses will send out information about changes.

  • Visitors to campuses will be limited.

  • Parent meetings will be held virtually rather than in-person.


Remote Learning -- 2020-21

Remote learning will be very different from the instructional support mode of learning that was utilized at the end of the 2019-20 school year. Here are a few of the essential features that parents need to be aware of when making decisions about remote learning:

  • In order to participate in remote learning, students will be expected to have access to a device and internet connection. If you have questions regarding devices or internet access, please contact your campus principal.

  • Students must be engaged in learning activities during the day every school day for every class. This is how the students will earn daily attendance.

  • Engagement measures will include the following: 

    • Daily progress in Seesaw (PK-2) or Google Classroom (3-12) activities and assignments, and/or

    • Daily teacher-student interactions, and/or

    • Daily completion/turn-in of assignments from student to teacher

  • Students will be given an instructional schedule to follow each day. The schedule will detail the order of classes and daily times for student/teacher interactions.

  • Student work will be graded following the grading policy that is in the student handbook. All remote work will be counted just as in-person classwork is counted.

  • Some courses have on-campus requirements that will make it necessary for students to come to campus to fulfill those requirements. Parents will be notified before the start of the course if this applies to a class their students have selected.

  • The 90% rule is in effect, meaning that a student must be in attendance 90% of the time the class meets in order to receive credit for that class. Remote attendance will count in the same manner as on-campus attendance in satisfying this requirement.

  • Changes from remote to on-campus instruction can only be made at the end of the first three weeks of the school year or at the end of a nine-week grading period.