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Spring Semester Exam Schedule GHS

Tuesday, May 28:
1st Period 8:23 – 9:53 (Exam)
2nd Period 10:03 – 11:33 (Exam)
Exam break 11:33 – 11:42
5th period on will be a regular day

Wednesday, May 29:
3rd Period 8:00 - 9:30,
7th Period 9:40 - 11:10,
5th Period 11:20 - 12:50,
Lunch 12:50 - 1:20

Thursday, May 30:
4th Period 8:00 - 9:30,
6th Period 9:40 - 11:10,
8th Period 11:20 - 12:50,
Lunch 12:50 - 1:20

** Students who are exempt from all exams on a given day will need to report to the auditorium
at 9:00.
** Students will be released at 12:50 unless they ride the bus or eat lunch. Those students will
remain in the building until 1:30, at which time they will be released. Students leaving at 12:50
must leave campus and may not go to any other campus.
**Senior exams will be May 20 th and 21 nd during regularly scheduled class
periods. Senior attendance information and exemption forms will be passed out
on May 14 th and are due back on May 17 th at 1:10. Seniors will only be allowed
to leave campus if they are exempt from testing two consecutive periods.

Thursday, May 22
1. Attendance information will be made available to teachers.
2. Not eligible for test exemptions list will be made available to teachers.
3. Students will receive exemption forms during first period. (Example below)
4. Students will carry forms to each class. Teachers may begin to sign exemption forms for exempt
Monday, May 24
Students will turn in exemption forms to the office no later than 1:10 on Monday, May 24 th .
Things to Remember:
 Students must stay in class until the bell rings for the exam to be over.
 They are not allowed to go to the gym, field house, library, clean out lockers etc. during testing.
 They should not be hanging around in the hallways.
 Students may leave for lunch on Wednesday and Thursday. If they stay for lunch it will be served from
11:10 until 1:20. Buses will run at 1:30 on Wednesday and Thursday.
 Students are not allowed on any other campus during semester exam days. They should either be in class
taking a test if they are not exempt or in the auditorium.
 The exam schedule must be followed. Do not give exams early! Students not exempt must be in their
class during their assigned testing time. Make sure that you have something for them to do.
A student may receive exemptions based on performance on the state assessment and/or based on grade
average, absences, and tardies in a course.
Exemption guidelines:
 For a student in grade 9 or 10 parental approval shall be required before this exemption is granted.
 All student fines must be paid before exemptions will be granted.
 In the spring, students have the opportunity to choose which policy to be exempt under, grade average or
state assessment performance, but may not be exempt under both criteria.
 If a student is exempt from all exams offered in one day, the student must attend a designated 4 hour
session to be counted towards daily attendance. If the student misses the session, the exams must be
taken or zeros assigned.
 Students are not allowed to leave without a parent coming to the school to sign their child out.
 Absences without a doctor's note during semester testing could result in a zero for the semester exam.
Exemptions based on grade average:
Seniors and juniors may be eligible for exemptions from their semester exams if they meet the following criteria
in each class in which an exemption is granted. Sophomores may be eligible for exemptions from up to two
semester exams of their choice if they meet the above criteria in the selected classes. Freshmen may be eligible
for exemptions from one semester exam of their choice if they meet the above criteria in the selected class. The
criteria for exemption based on grade average is as follows:
88 average with no absences and no tardies
90 average with no more than one absence and no more than one tardy
92 average with no more than two absences and no more than two tardies
94 average with no more than three absences and no more than three tardies.

 Students who have received ISS, corporal punishment or DAEP during the semester are not eligible for
Exemptions based on state assessment performance: (Spring Test Only)
Any student who passes the required state assessment tests will be exempt from the spring final exam in the
subject area corresponding to the state assessment test passed if the student is passing that class. Students must
have all fines paid before exempting a spring test. No other requirements apply. The academic core classes
which qualify for the spring final exam exemptions are Algebra I, Biology, English I, English II and U.S.
 In the event that state assessment scores are not received by the district in time to inform the students,
staff and parents of their performance the Spring exemptions will be based upon the grade average
 A transfer student, to be eligible for this exemption, must provide state assessment scores obtained from
the previous district attended.