• Texas History 


    Texas History is a subset of American History and is highly supportive of the American History curriculum taught in the 8th Grade.

    Students will learn Texas History as it relates to the "bigger picture" of American History and
     will cover all of the Texas Essential Elements as well as many of the American History Essential Elements contained in the Jr. High American History course and the American History course at the High School. Basic study will outline all the essentials of geography, economics, government, and history as well as needed social studies skills. The curriculum extends from Prehistoric times in Texas until the Present.Students will learn mnemonic songs to help remember facts and generalize information. Students will construct maps , models and other representations of social studies themes in class. Some class re-enactments of historical events will be modeled.The single sixth grade class will study topics such as geography terminology ,World geography, cultures, World History, etc. inline with  Texas and American History themes. 
     Cross-curricular themes for 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade Science will also be introduced .Both the Texas History and Sixth Grade Social Studies classes will include learning through model making, mnemonic songs, and graphic organizers. 
    Name: Shawn Griffin
    Email: dgriffin@gvisd.org
    Phone: 817-866-4660