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    Brandon Lillard


    Class Description:

    During our time together, we will explore the entire world through the field of study known as World Geography.  We will examine the physical geography of the planet and the various cultures inhabiting it.  We will also discover how the land and the cultures inhabiting that land affect each other.  Additionally, you will learn to read and interpret various maps and charts.  Upon completion of this class I hope you leave having a greater knowledge and respect for the wide variety of landforms, countries, cultures, people, and religions found throughout the world.

    Class Codes for World Geography:


    In World Geography Class we use Google Classroom, Zoom, and Remind101 to help the students to be more successful.  Please contact Coach Lillard for more details or if you need access to these platforms. 

    Google Classroom is where you will be able to find the assignments that we are doing in class, PowerPoint notes, and other materials for World Geography.

    Zoom is for students that are remote learners that are viewing the class from home.

    Remind101 is a messaging app for the all students in the class.  Reminders for test, homework, etc. will be sent out through Remind101.          


    Spiral Notebook with 150+ pages College Ruled – Plastic Poly front cover preferred.

    Black, Blue, and Red Pens

    #2 Pencils

    Glue Stick(s)

    One package of 3x5 index cards

    Map Colors



    Each student will maintain an Interactive Notebook for World Geography.  This notebook will only be used for World Geography.  This notebook is what we call an “Interactive Notebook”.  We will take all of our notes in this notebook, and any important handouts will be cut and pasted into this notebook (maps, charts, graphs, outlines).  This notebook will be the best study guide and source of information for this class.  The glue sticks and scissors are needed to glue the handouts into the notebook.

    **Due to the Covid-19 protocols, you will need to keep your Interactive Notebook in your backpack and bring it to class every day.  Also, you will be expected to have pen or pencil, map colors or markers, and your glue and scissors with you every day in class.  We cannot share or have a classroom set of these supplies.  Please understand that having these supplies and your Interactive Notebook in class every day are important tools for your success in World Geography.**

    Tutoring Times:  By appointment – 7:40am – 8:14am.

    Cell Phones, Smart Watches, Earbuds, and Headphones: 

    Cell Phones, Smart Watchers, Earbuds, and Headphones or any other non-school related electronic devices will not be allowed in the classroom. 

    The students will be expected to keep their electronic devices in their backpacks, and be on silent. 

    Academic Integrity:  Academic dishonesty in any form is not allowed.  Academic dishonesty includes, copying any kind of work from another student or sharing answers with another student, plagiarism, or using any form of aid (a.k.a. cheat sheet) on a test or quiz.  If a student is observed not maintaining academic integrity, the following steps will be taken:

    The assignment, quiz, or test will be taken up and the student(s) will be given a grade of zero.

    The parents of the student(s) will be contacted by the teacher and the student.

    The principal will be notified.

    Grading Policy and Code of Conduct:  Go to the GVISD website for more information about the grading policy and the student code of conduct.  We will follow the GVISD policy for grading and conduct.  If there are any other questions, please contact Coach Lillard.

    I look forward to a great school year, please let me know if there is any way I can help you be more successful.  Thank you for your support of the teachers, administration, and staff at Grandview High School.


    Brandon Lillard

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  • World Geography students are able to correct any Quiz or Test that they make below a 70.  Upon completion of the corrections, and turning the completed work in to Coach Lillard, the student will recieve a 70 on that Quiz or Test.    



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