*\Art Classes/*
    Ok, we just completed our first 3 weeks for the 2nd semester :) In class we have been working with our colored pencils and markers creating works from self portraits to logos using our initials. We will experiment with line designs and look into works from the Impressionist art period 1860's into the 1886.
    The next Sketchbook assignment is due on Friday Febuary 5, 2021 :) Be sure to check your Sketchbook list for all assignments and instructions for each drawing.
    *\Robotics classes/* 
    We are going to continue with more coding activities for our Lego EV3 robots.
     Your Art Supply List can be found under the Art Information to your left :) 
     The Sketchbook Assignment list will be posted to the Art Information section of this page. All students will be given a hard copy of the assignment list to place in their art folders.
    If you lose your sketchbook assignment list be sure to get a new one or check this site under Art Information.
    Contact information:
    School phone# 817/866-4660
    Email address kjarrell@gvisd.org
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  • Class Schedule

    1st per 8:02-8:55

    2nd per 8:58-9:43

     3rd per 9:46-10:31

     4th per 10:34-11:19

    LUNCH 11:22-11:52 

    Advisory 11:55-12:25

    5th per 12:25-1:13 

    6th per 1:16-2:01 Conference

    7th per 2:04-2:49 Robotics

    8th per 2:52-3:37 Robotics


  • Remember to be a good artist you need to practice...
    Sooooooo practice, practice, practice ;)
     Draw everyday items; foods, objects on the table, cars in the driveway or street, things in your yard, things in your room,  small objects and large objects...use different tools to draw with; pens, pencils, markers, chalk, colored pencils and my favorite crayons ;)