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    Okay guys, many of you are not keeping up with your drawing assignments :( All of you have a Google Classroom account with me, so we will continue with Google Classroom as our form of turning in works for class. Hey!! keep looking in your Google Classroom for added assignments to the classwork so you will have a variety of things to accomplish.
    Our Duck drawings made it to the mail *\0/* and I have added them to the Art works slide show. Now, due to the extended time away from school the State Fish Art Contest has extended their contest deadline to April 30. Now because we are not going to be back in school before the end of April they are excepting your entries Digitally:)  :) Use this link https://www.wildlifeforever.org/home/state-fish-art/ and follow their instructions. If you decide to do this please let me know:) 
    We have a Sketchbook assignment due May 1 this is the last one for the school year *\0/* . Please remember to check your assignment list for up coming due dates. Also when they are due, REMEMBER to put your sketchbook assignments in Google Classroom.
    Parents please note that we are trying something new this year; having your student place their work into folders in Google classroom and Google drive. So, encourage them to load their drawings into each of these locations. Parents if you are not able to get Google classroom on your phones or ipads you can photograph your childs work and email it to me kjarrell@gvisd.org and I can help your child put it into their Google accounts.
    Thoughout the year we will look at our works and add some of them to our Digital Portfolios in our Google drive.
    Please check with your child daily to ask what we've covered for the day.    
     Your Art Supply List can be found under the Art Information to your left :) 
     The Sketchbook Assignment list will be posted to the Art Information section of this page. All students will be given a hard copy of the assignment list to place in their art folders.
    If you lose your sketchbook assignment list be sure to get a new one or check this site under Art Information.
    Contact information:
    School phone# 817/866-4660
    Email address kjarrell@gvisd.org
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  • Class Schedule

    1st per 8:05-8:53

    2nd per 8:56-9:44

    Break 9:47-9:55

    Announcements 9:58-10:01

    3rd per 10:01-10:49

    Conference 4th per 10:52-11:40

     5th per 11:43-12:31

    Lunch 11:43-12:13

    6th per 1:07-1:55

    7th per 1:58-2:46

    8th per 2:49-3:37


  • Remember to be a good artist you need to practice...
    Sooooooo practice, practice, practice ;)
     Draw everyday items; foods, objects on the table, cars in the driveway or street, things in your yard, things in your room,  small objects and large objects...use different tools to draw with; pens, pencils, markers, chalk, colored pencils and my favorite crayons ;)