Booster Meetings - every month (except December, June & July) on the Third Tuesday at 6:30 in the HS Band Hall


    The best way to contact a director is by email- rbrown@gvisd.org,  tolson@gvisd.org, ebain@gvisd.org
    We will return phone calls as soon as we can, leave a message at the office.  
    Concert Black:
    The HS and JH band wearconcert black at all formal events: contest, formal concerts.....Concert black is defined as: anything you feel comfortable performing in that is solid black.    No dots, strips, logos.....solid black. 
    • Boys may come in black pants and a solid black t-shirt, dark black jeans (not faded jeans) a solid black button up shirt,or  a black suit with a black shirt and solid black tie.
    • Girls may ware black pants with a black t-shirt, dark black jeans (not faded) or a solid black dress.

    Again SOLID BLACK, a black shirt with gray stripes is NOT solid black