• Hello, my name is Katie Westmoreland and I am the Jr. High Life Skills teacher.  I am very excited for the 2018-2019 school year.   I have three wonderful aides who work beside me and they are, Lindsey Langlois, Jolynn Brumbalow and Jill Rantala.   


     Office number 817-866-4660

  • Class Schedule

    1st per 8:05-8:53

    2nd per 8:56-9:44

    Break 9:47-9:55

    Announcements 9:58-10:01

    3rd per 10:01-10:49

    4th per 10:52-11:40

    5th per 11:43-12:31

    Lunch 11:43-12:13

    6th per 1:07-1:55

    7th per 1:58-2:46

    8th per 2:49-3:37