Expected Behaviors


    1. Move and behave in a responsible manner throughout the school.  This includes hallways, restrooms, P.E., music, library, computer, cafeteria, classroom, bus, recess, and multipurpose room.

    a.       Use proper cafeteria rules

    b.      No talking in the hallway

    c.       Maintain quiet in restrooms, multipurpose room, and cafeteria—restaurant voices and no horseplay

    d.      Respect feelings and property of others

    e.       Keep hands and feet to yourselves

    f.       Keep chair legs on the floor


    1. Cooperate with all school personnel and follow directions the first time.
      1. No talking during instruction
      2. Pay attention
      3. Use time wisely
      4. Raise hand before speaking or leaving desk
      5. Respect authority and rules


    1. Be responsible for your supplies and personal property.
      1. Bring necessary supplies to class
      2. Keep classroom and locker neat
      3. Respect property of others


    1. Be responsible for your assignments
      1. Complete and turn in assignments on time
      2. Complete and turn in homework on time
      3. Write assignments in planner to stay organized