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                        Nutrition, Health, and Wellness Resources                 

    click here Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    Click here Healthy People 2030
    click herre Healthy Youth
    button Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

    School and Internet Safety Resources 

    Click here Bully Free Program
    Click here Bully Police USA
    Click here Common Sense Media: Digital Literacy and Citizenship
    Click here Concussion in Sports
    Click here Cyberbullying and Internet Safety
    button Cyberbullying Research Center
    Click here Enough is Enough (Internet safety)
    Click here Eyes on Bullying
    Click here Fuel Up 360
    Click here Incredible Years (PreK through early elementary resources)
    Click here IKeepSafe Internet Safety Coalition
    Click here Internet Safety for Teens
    Click here It Gets Better Project
    click here National School Climate Center
    Click here National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline (Helpline: 866.331.9474)
    Click here National School Safety Center
    Click here Pacer Center: National Center for Bullying Prevention
    Click here Safe Kids Worldwide
    Stop Cyber Stop Cyberbullying
    Click here Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD)
    Click Here Students Against Violence Everywhere (SAVE)
    Click Here Teen Pregnancy
    click here Learning for Justice
    Click here Texas Attorney General's Office: Cyberbullying, dating violence, safety issues
    Click here Texas School Safety Center
    Click here Web Wise Kids
    Click here Wired Safety