• Policies and Procedures

    Classroom Policies and Procedures
    Mrs. Barksdale - English III and Creative Writing

    Your Responsibilities as a student:

    1.    Attend class regularly - on time and prepared.  Cell phones must not be on your person during the class period.  

    2.    Be respectful to me as your teacher and the other students.

    3.    Be cooperative and not disruptive to the classroom and teaching process.

    4.    Complete all assignments as required. Late work will NOT be accepted unless an arrangement has been made PRIOR to the due date.

    5.    Learn and master the required concepts.


    My Responsibilities as a teacher:

    1.   Provide an orderly classroom environment for you and your classmates.

    2.  Provide discipline when needed.

    3.  Provide appropriate motivation.

    4.  Teach you the required content of the class.


    Classroom procedures:

    1. When the bell rings you need to be in yourseat with your cell phone PUT AWAY! I provide a cell phone holder on the wall if you can not keep your phone put away.  

    2. Be ready with your textbook/novel/notebook for the day’s activities.

    3. Participate in the class discussions/activities.

    4. Do the assigned independent work. 

    5. Ask for help when you need it!  I am always available to help you.


    Materials needed:

    1.   Blue/Black pens 

    2.    Loose - Leaf notebook paper

    3.    Textbook or novel

    4.    Folder or small binder with pockets to keep up with all notes and graded papers


    Grading Policy:

    Nine Week Grade will be distributed as follows:

    a.    Unit Tests/Major Essays - 50%

    b.    Quizzes – 15%

    c.    Daily Work – 10%

    c.    NineWeeks Exam counts 25%

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