Read Across Texas
    with the Grandview 4th Grade!!
    Students will need to read and pass 10 AR tests with a grade of 70 or better by March 2, 2020.  They must pass one test from each group.  The remaining seven books can come from any group.  Students meeting this challenge will be rewarded with a special "Texas" field trip in the spring.


    A Wee Bit of Texas - Rita Kerr
    Fly High!The Story of Bessie Coleman - Louise Borden
    Miss Lady Bird's Wildflowers -
    Kathi Appelt

    Long Trail of the Texas Longhorns -
    Ruth Chorlian

    Texas Forever - Rita Kerr
    The Alamo Cat - Rita Kerr
    Trail Drive - James Rice
    Tex's Tales-Rita Kerr
    Miranda Lambert:Country Music Star-Sarah Tieck
    Picture the Past:Life at the Alamo-
    Sally Senzell Isaacs
    Susanna of the Alamo:A True Story-  John Jakes
    Easter Fires-Mary Dodson Wade
    L is for Lone Star: A Texas  Alphabet-Carol Crane

    Voices of the Alamo - Sherry Garland
    At the Battle of San Jacinto with Rip Cavitt-Kathryn Turner Carter 
    Christopher and Pony Boy by Rita Kerr 
    The Tree That Would Not Die by
    Ellen Levine 
    The Night of the Hurrican's Fury by Candice Ransom
    Tales From the Home Place by Harriet Burandt


    Fire on the Hillside - Melinda Rice
    George H.W. Bush - Catherine A.Welch
    Girl of the Alamo - Rita Kerr
    Josh Hamilton - Jeff Savage
    Laura Bush - Joanne Mattern
    Mike's Oil Patch - Dorys Ward
    On the Pecos Trail-Patrick Dearen 
    Outnumbered:Davy Crockett's
    Final Battle at the Alamo-
    Eric Fein
    Secrets in the Sky - Melinda Rice
    Texas - Alexandra Hanson-Harding
    Texas Footprints - Rita Kerr
    Messenger on the Battlefield-
    Melinda Rice
    The Great Texas Scare:A Story of the Runaway Scrape-Martha Tannery Jones Angel of the Alamo:A True Texas Story-Lisa Waller Rogers
    Boss of the Plains:The Hat that Won the West-Laurie Carlson
    The Immortal Thirty-Two - Rita Kerr
    Texas Cowboy:The Story of Thomas Bugbee - Rita Kerr
    Cynthia Ann Parker, Indian Captive - Catherine Gonzalez 
    Dark Water Rising by Marian Hale
    Cattle and Oil:The Growth of Texas Industries - Trish James
    Dallas Mavericks - Ray Frager
    Get Along, Little Dogies -
    Lisa Waller Rogers
    Journal of Joshua Looper -
     Dean Walter Myers
    Line in the Sand : The Alamo Diary- Sherry Garland
    Remember the Alamo! -
    Lisa Waller Rogers
    Survival in the Storm - Katelan Janke
    Texas Rangers - Ryan Basen
    Texas Rangers:Legendary Lawmen - Michael P. Spradlin
    The Great Texas Storm:The Hurricane Diary of J.T. King -
    Lisa Waller Rogers
    Trail Fever:The Life of a Texas Cowboy-D.J. Lightfoot
    Comanch Song- Janice Shefelman
      Willow Creek Home -Janice Shefelman
      Spirit of Iron -Janice Shefelman
    Juan Seguin:A Hero of Texas-Rita Kerr
    Sam Houston:Texas Hero-Sanford/Green
    George W. Bush:The Family Business-Daniel Cohen
    Land of Liberty:Texas-
    Terri Sievert
    Portrait of America:Texas-
    Kathleen Thompson
    Johnny Texas-Carol Hoff
    Where the Pirates Are-Tom Townsend
    Rio Grande: From the Rocky Mountains to the Gulf of Mexico by Peter Lourie 
    War Pony by Donald Worcester