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    ROOM #----204


    PHONE #-------(817) 866-4600

    1st Nine weeks - Social Studies
    2nd Nine weeks- Science
    3rd Nine weeks- Social Studies
    4th Nine weeks- Science
    We will have some science during the first 9 weeks, but the grades will go in Social Studies-----for instance we study the migration of Monarch butterflies in September, even though we are doing Social Studies.  There will be no grade for the subject we are not studying that 9 weeks.  Any questions please request a conference or e-mail svarner@gvisd.org.


     7:30-8:00---Gym/breakfast/morning announcements and Pledge
      8:10-9:10--Homeroom  Varner Science/Social Studies
    9:10-10:10---Drollinger"s homeroom Science/Social Studies
    10:10-11:15----Moore's homeroom/Science/Social Studies
    11:15-12:15---P.E./Music--Teacher conference
    12:45-1:50----Hays' homeroom  Science/social Studies
    1:50-2:50---Montgomery's homeroom/Science/Social Studies
    3:20--Prepare for dismissal

     Third grade does keep a conduct book on behavior.  In my class if a student has done everything they should the agenda book will be stamped with sticker or stamps.  If not stamped I will write what the problem has been or given them a conduct citation. This needs to be signed and returned the next school day.  Parents, it is your child's responsibility to bring his or her agenda book for you to look at and sign each day, your child will miss 5 minutes of recess if the book is not signed.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.  Have a talk with your child and we will make progress together.