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    4th Grade Math
    May 18-22 , 2020
    Hello Block Stars!!!
        You are now on your sixth week of online lessons. For this last week of on-line lessons, I am having everytbody do the same lesson from our math book. Everyone should have picked up their bag of the end of school materials. Inside you will find your math book and protractor. You will need these for this lesson. You will need the protractor to measure angles and for making your own angles in the Angle Book for the last two days of this week. You can keep the protractor when you are done. I posted a video on our web page today under the Journal tab that shows you how to measure angles with your protractor for lesson 14-5 on page, 785-787. If you don't understand the video, you can get you parents to help you. For drawing the angles at the bottom of page 787, you can use a piece of natebook paper. For the Angle Book on the last 2 days, you will need the protractor and the stapled blank book that I sent you. This is where you will make your angles. Make as many as you want. Have fun with the angle book! Boys and girls, don't stress over the angle book, just do the best you can! It is for fun! I miss and love you! Be watching in the mail as I am sending you something special! 
                                                 Mrs. Block
    May 18-22,2020 


    Monday- May, 18, 2020- Measuring Angles-Lesson 14-5 (in your math book), pgs, 785-787. You will use your protractor for this lesson. Read directions carefully!

    Tuesday- May 19, 2020- Measuring Angles- Lesson 14-5 (in your math book), only do pg. 789. You will use the protractor for this lesson.

    Wednesday- May 20, 2020- Practice 60 Second Sweep for multiplication practice.

    Thursday- May 21, 2020- Make Angle Book using your protractor. You will draw a variety of angles with different degrees. Make sure you read directions carefully on how to use the protractor to make an angle on page, 785. You can also let your parents help you. Try to make angles that are different. For example: 90 degrees, 15 degrees, 120, 85, 70, 65, 40, 135, 170. Make as many as you want. 

    Friday- May 22, 2020- Finish making Angle Book.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at lblock@gvisd.org
                                                                                                             Thank you,
                                                                                                                 Mrs. Block