Elementary Expectations

    Grandview Elementary has high expectations for all of our students. We believe in order to achieve academic success; we must expect respect, self-discipline, and good character from our students. We strongly believe consistency, respect and fairness are crucial to creating an environment where students can become successful lifelong learners. Thank you for helping us to create a safe, healthy, and positive atmosphere conducive to learning. The following expectations will be in place from the first to the last day of 2019-2020.


    Field Trip Policy

    Please make note that we will not be releasing students to ride home from field trips with their parents for the 2019-2020 school year. We appreciate the support you give us as a chaperone and will continue to invite parents on our field trips when chaperones are needed; however, our policy will require that you return to school to pick up your student. This will alleviate any confusion concerning field trips and the safety of our children. All chaperones attending must have completed a "Criminal Background Check" and be on the approved volunteer list. Thank you for your continued support.


    First Grade Discipline Plan

    1.Listen carefully and follow directions.

    2.Keep hands and feet to yourself.

    3.Work quietly by not disturbing others who are working.

    4.Respect others by being kind in your words and actions.

    5.Respect school and personal property.

    6.Follow cafeteria rules.

    7.Complete work and return homework daily.

    8.Use time wisely.


    If a student chooses to break a rule the following consequences can take place:

    Verbal Warning

    Time out at recess/Note home in student's folder

    Call parent

    Visit principal


    The conduct grade for the 9 weeks is determined by the conduct calendar in the homework folder, 2 points will be deducted from the student's conduct grade each time the conduct calendar is written in for discipline issues.


    Severe disruptions may result in immediate removal from the classroom and a trip to see the principal, who will determine appropriate disciplinary action.

    Students who choose to follow our class rules will earn: Special Privileges and LOTS OF SMILES!


    Attendance and Tardy

    In addition to good behavior, it is imperative that our students be present and on time in order to receive the best education we have to offer. Please make sure your child is at school on time. Our day begins with morning assembly at 7:50 am, typically students are dismissed by 8:00 and instruction begins as soon as we enter the classroom. All students arriving after 8:10 am must go through the office to get a tardy slip before coming to class.