Here are a few notes to help you plan and prepare for kindergarten success this year! Please take the time to read over them carefully and jot down any questions you might have. We look forward to having a great year!!!


    It’s Time!

    We begin the day in the gym with announcements and pledges at 7:50. Please have your child in the gym before that time. Students will be tardy if they arrive after 8:10. When students arrive they must go to the gym to wait with their kindergarten classroom teacher. There will be teachers in the cafeteria and gym every morning beginning at 7:30 for those who arrive early.



    If your child is not a bus rider, you may begin to pick them up at 3:25. The children will be waiting in the cafeteria. You may walk up to the cafeteria entrance or drive up behind the school. Please have your child’s first and last name on a sheet of paper to put in the windshield or have in hand at walk up.

    If your child is a bus rider, make sure you describe in writing the location of your home and give instructions for transportation beginning the first day of school.




    Important!  This year…ALL personal checks require the signer’s driver’s license number and birthdate, clearly written on the check.

    All money needs to be labeled … Please send money in an envelope or Ziploc bag with a note explaining what the money is intended for and how much you are sending. Never combine lunch money with field trip money or other expenses in the same check.  Put in your child’s folder in the zipper pencil pocket.



    The lunch charge is $2.50 and breakfast charge is $1.75. To buy milk alone it is .50. Your child can bring a lunch from home; however we cannot refrigerate food for them. A few other hints….practice opening containers at home. Also, never put soda in a thermos. Soda explodes in thermoses. Of course, send healthy food for your student. We are teaching them to eat “growing” foods to help them grow!


    Field Trip Policy

    Please make note that it is our school policy that students ride the bus to and from all field trips and students will not be released to their parents for the 2018-2019 school year. We appreciate all the support you give to us as a chaperone and will continue to invite parents on our field trips, when chaperones are needed; however, our policy will require that you return to school to pick up your student. This will alleviate any confusion concerning field trips and the safety of our children. All chaperones attending must have completed a “Criminal Background Check” and be on the approved volunteer list. Thank you for your continued support.



    It is school policy for parents to send a note anytime the child is absent explaining why the absence occurred. A child will need to stay home if running a fever and be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. Without a doctor’s note, any absence will be unexcused per District policy. Always send a note if you need your child to sit out at recess or not run in PE.



    Your child’s individual teacher will reach out to you for assistance with daily snacks and a schedule.  This helps us have a simple snack time after a long afternoon of work.  According to school policy, food sent from home must be “store bought” not “homemade.”

    Please watch your child’s folder for notification of your assigned snack time.



    School policy does not allow us to have full birthday parties in our classroom. Since we do have snacks every day we can have “special” birthday snacks on their special day. We will sing happy birthday and have fun, but please no candles, balloons, or party hats. We are not allowed to hand out birthday invitations at school per page 21 of our District Student Handbook.


    Party Plans

    The district allows three official school parties: Christmas, Valentine, and End of Year.  This is an opportunity for Parent Volunteers to help within the classroom. We will work together on these to make sure we have a great time together!  If you are interested in being a room mom, please let your teacher know! J

    Spare Clothes

    Please send a simple set of clothes appropriate for the season in a large Ziploc bag labeled with your child’s name. We keep an extra set of clothes in case of an accident.



    Please send your child in Velcro shoes until they are able to tie their own shoes. PE requires that students wear tennis shoes every day. Kindergarten goes to PE first in the morning, and it would best to have your child wear their tennis shoes to school each day.



    Each child will have a folder to take home every day. The discipline calendar should be signed or initialed each day and returned in the folder the next school day.

    A chart is used in our classroom to help the children understand good behavior. The matching chart in the folder will be marked each day showing how he/she did. Every day the children will start on green. Unacceptable behavior will result in a color change.


    Notes and more notes!

    You will be receiving a variety of papers to sign and return. Read over them and sign and return them as soon as possible. Feel free to contact me anytime. Working together this school year will be great!



    Thank you,

    Grandview Elementary Kindergarten Teachers