Spanish 2





    Sra. Strom

    Spanish 2 and Spanish 3

    Expectations, Policies and Procedures




    • Every student is expected to act respectfully and responsibly to everyone and everything in this classroom.
    • Every student is expected to be a self-advocate if they are struggling and to try their personal best to succeed.
    • To learn a new language students must actively participate in reading, writing and speaking aloud in that language.



    • Any cell phones or smart watches in use during class will be confiscated and only returned upon a $15 payment to the office.
    • Head phones must also be stored and only used at lunch time. Any head phones observed during any part of the school day beyond lunch time will be confiscated.
    • All school rules and policies will be enforced.
    • There is a zero tolerance policy for academic dishonesty. Any student who cheats on classwork, projects or tests will be given a zero for that assignment.
    • Students and parents will be regularly informed of their grades.
    • Students must use the bathroom during passing period. Students will only leave the classroom in emergency or special situations. If a student does leave the classroom they must sign out and in.



    • All cell phones must be muted and stored in backpacks upon entering the classroom.
    • Students will be seated with their binders and all necessary supplies when class begins.
    • All homework is due at collection time. Late work will not be accepted.
    • Students are to leave the room neater than they found it. Students will be given the last few minutes of class to sanitize their desk area, pack up their belongings and tidy up the room.



    • One inch binder
    • One pack of dividers
    • Pencil
    • Blue or black pen
    • One box of tissues
    • Notebook paper
    • 5x7 Binder or Junior Composition Notebook



    Nine weeks exam/project: 25%

    Weekly Tests: 50%

    Quizzes: 15%

    All other classwork and homework: 10%


    I appreciate parent support and welcome any communication. Please feel free to contact me with any concerns or questions. My contact information is below:



    Phone: 817.866.4500

    Remind App: text the following codes to 81010

             Sp 2: aak8ga

             Sp 3: k7kd8d