• Syllabus for World History


    Course Description


    This course is designed to help students come to a deeper understanding of the world they in which they live.  The emphasis of the class will be on the student's exploration of the world's significant events, movements, people, and philosophies through group and independent study.  Students will be required to work in groups and collaborate to present their findings in a variety of media.  Students will be encouraged to compare what has happened to what is happening and predict what they think could happen.

  • Unit 1 Beginnings of Civilization


                Chapter 1 The Peopling of the World

                Chapter 2 Early River Valley Civilizations

                Chapter 3 People and Ideas on the Move

                Chapter 4 First Age of Empires


    Unit 2 New Directions in Government and Society


                Chapter 5 Classical Greece

                Chapter 6 Ancient Rome and Early Christianity

                Chapter 7 India and China Establish Empires

                Chapter 8 African Civilizations

                Chapter 9 The Americas: A Separate World


    Unit 3 An Age of Exchange and Encounter


                Chapter 10 The Muslim World

                Chapter 11 Byzantines, Russians, and Turks Interact

                Chapter 12 Empires in East Asia

                Chapter 13 European Middle Ages

                Chapter 14 The Formation of Western Europe

                Chapter 15 Societies and Empires of Africa


    Unit 4 Connecting Hemispheres


                Chapter 16 People and Empires in the Americas

                Chapter 17 European Renaissance and Reformation

                Chapter 18 The Muslim World Expands

                Chapter 19 An Age of Explorations and Isolation

                Chapter 20 The Atlantic World

  • Unit 5 Absolutism to Revolution


                Chapter 21 Absolute Monarchs in Europe

                Chapter 22 Enlightenment and Revolution

                Chapter 23 The French Revolution and Napoleon

                Chapter 24 Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the Rest


    Unit 6 Industrialism and the Race for Empire


                Chapter 25 The Industrial Revolution

                Chapter 26 The Age of Democracy and Progress

                Chapter 27 The Age of Imperialism

                Chapter 28 Transformations Around the Globe


    Unit 7 The World at War


                Chapter 29 The Great War

                Chapter 30 Revolution and Nationalism

                Chapter 31 Years of Crisis

                Chapter 32 World War II


    Unit 8 Perspectives on the Present


                Chapter 33 Restructuring the Postwar World

                Chapter 34 The Colonies Become New Nations

                Chapter 35 Struggles for Democracy

                Chapter 36 Global Interdependence