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     This course is designed to help students come to a deeper understanding of the world they in which they live.  The emphasis of the class will be on the student's exploration of the world's significant events, movements, people, and philosophies through group and independent study.  Students will be required to work in groups and collaborate to present their findings in a variety of media.  Students will be encouraged to compare what has happened to what is happening and predict what they think could happen.


    Classroom Behavior:

     RESPECT:  All students will respect themselves, their classmates and their learning environment.

    READINESS:  All students must attend class everyday and come prepared to actively participate in daily activities.

    RESPONSIBILITY:  All students must accept responsibility for themselves and their actions.


    Course Requirements:

     Students must come to class prepared and ready to learn.

    Students will be given daily assignments, with plenty of class time in which to complete. If a student is not able to complete in class it then becomes homework.

    Extra credit assignments will not be offered. Keep up with the assignments and you will do fine.

    Students will participate in various group and individual activities.


    By the end of this year, you will:

     Demonstrate and strengthen your ability to write historical analysis

    Strengthen your note-taking skills.

    Compare/contrast/synthesize and analyze information.

    Exercise critical thinking and communication skills in formal and informal discussions


    Late Work:

    Late work will be accepted with the following expectations:

    Excused absences:  It is the responsibility of the student to collect all work missed due to an absence. Missed work should be completed and turned in for credit in a timely manner. In the event the student is absent during note taking it is the students responsibility to get the notes either from the teacher or another student. Exams missed due to absence can be taken before or after school.

    Late work:  Students are expected to turn in completed work by the due date. If students are unable to complete by the due date late work will be accepted up through the quarter grading schedule for which it was assigned.



     Cheating will not be tolerated. Students caught cheating will receive a zero for the assignment or test. Allowing someone to copy your completed paper will result in a zero for you as well.



    Regular attendance is vital to academic success.  If you must be absent due to illness or other issues make sure that you get your missed work and turn it in on time to receive full credit.



    Come to class on time!



    All grades will be on a point system and converted to a letter grade for reporting purposes. The grade you earn is the grade you get.





               F=64 and below 


    Grade Breakdown:

    10% = Daily Work / Homework

    15% = Quizzes                       

    25% = Nine Week Test            

    50% = Weekly Tests               

       ****Take note of the heavy wieght of the weekly tests!! Study accordingly!!****


    Need Help?

    I have an open door policy. Do not hesitate to come and ask for help!


  • TEAMWORK: We are all Family in this classroom. We will be doing lots of group work this year so we will need to be ready, willing, and able to work with others.

    Together Everyone Achieves More!

    DISCIPLINE: As a class, we will follow all GHS rules and policies. To function as a team, each individual must be able to function within the rules and guidelines.

    RESPECT: Yourself, your classmates, your teachers, your administrators, and your school.

    RESPONSIBILITY: Take care of your business: do your work (homework and class work), come to class prepared and ready to participate, and have fun!

  • Classroom Procedures:


    * Check boards for pertinent information and gather necessary materials.


    * Get started on the Bell Ringer


    * Look and listen for verbal and physical cues to change direction.


    * The bell does not dismiss you from class: the teacher does.


    * Participation is the rule, “I don’t know” is not a valid answer!

  • Things to bring to Class Everyday:


    Pen or Pencil

    Something to write on

  • Classroom Supplies:

    Spiral Notebook

    Notebook Paper

    Something to write with

  • World History