• Kindergarten Rules and Discipline Plan





    -Focus attention and listen responsively

    -Follow directions (we are little learners so directions will be repeated and broken down into smaller steps)

    -Work quietly (use our “inside voice”; we will save our loud noises for recesses)

    -Respect peers and teachers (kindness is always the rule)

    -Respect school and personal property

    -Complete work in a neat and timely manner (we always strive to do our best work)

    -Keep hands, feet and mouth self (we are still learning about personal space, but this is a biggie!)

    -Play and share cooperatively (again, kindness is the rule)

    -Speak at appropriate times without interrupting (we are working on patience and self-control)


    Color Chart:


    Each student begins the day on the color GREEN.  Each student will receive a verbal warning (several warnings at the beginning of the year) before a color change.  If a student chooses to break a rule, the following actions will take place:




    1st consequence following warning:  Color change to YELLOW; 5 minutes off recess time or centers

    2nd consequence:  Color change to RED; 10 minutes off recess time or center

    3rd consequence:  Color change to BLUE; No recess/Contact parent/Visit principal


    Color Changes represent points:

    YELLOW = 1 point deduction         RED = 2 point deduction           BLUE = 3 point deduction


    Conduct grades will be as follows:


    E=Excellent                S=Satisfactory            N=Needs Improvement          U=Unsatisfactory

    0-2 points                    3-5 points                    6-8 points                                9 or more points


    As Kindergarten teachers, we understand that our students are going to make mistakes and many times that is how they learn. The benefit of the color chart system is to teach our students that there are consequences to every action (positive or negative). We encourage our students to make good choices and guide them through the process of what that looks like in the classroom.