• Welcome Zebras

    Welcome to my website!  The 2018-2019 school year will be my twelfth year at Grandview High School.  This year is my twelfth year to teach Anatomy and Physiology and will be my first year to teach Environmental Science and Forensic Science.  I am just as excited today as I was my first day!  Below you can find information regarding my class schedule, room (I'm in a different room this year!), and ways to contact me!  I look forward to a wonderful school year with your students!  If you'd like specific information about your student's science class, please refer to the navigation menu to the left and click on the name of your class!

    Room Number: 300

    Email Address: nishmael@gvisd.org

    School Phone: 817-866-4520


    1st Period - Environmental Science

    2nd Period - Conference

    3rd Period - Dual Credit Anatomy and Physiology

    4th Period - Forensic Science

    5th Period - Environmental Science

    6th Period - Environmental Science

    7th Period - Forensic Science

    8th Period - RCM/Science Lab