• English I

    Mrs. Cornutt


    Grandview High School


    Welcome to English I and Mrs. Cornutt’s classroom.  I am very excited to have you in my classroom this year.  We will engage in many different learning activities to help us better understand literature and the English language. 

    Classroom Expectations


    •     Be prepared and on time.
    •     Bring all materials to class.  Be ready and willing to learn.  Be in your seat, ready, working, and not talking when the tardy bell rings.
    •         Be respectful to everyone. Students are at school to learn.  Respect Mrs. Cornutt and classmates at all times.
    •      Students will follow the school policies as stated in the Student Code of Conduct and Student Handbook.
    •      All work must be turned in and completed on time.


    Assessment Information

    ·         Homework/Daily Work/ Interactive Notebooks:  Students will be given homework.  Homework is the students’ responsibility to complete on time and to the best of their ability.  Students are required to complete all homework that is assigned.

    ·         Quizzes: Students will be given frequent quizzes to check for understanding of the material covered.

    ·         Test: Test will be given on a regular basis to monitor and check the students learning.  Students should study and be prepared on testing days.

    ·         Projects: Projects are key assessments to monitor and check the students learning and ability to apply information. 

    Independent Reading

    Students will be required to read a set goal of selections from the library, my classroom, or home.  The students will complete an assigned project or worksheet periodically throughout the year on a selected text.  Mrs. Cornutt will need to approve all selections made by the student.  Class time will be given but reading will also need to be done at home.  If there is any material in the students selected book that is too mature, he or she can exchange the selection.  Students are expected to document their independent reading in their binders. 

    Grading System

                Weekly Test 50%

    Six weeks test/projects 25%

    Quizzes 15%

    Daily Work/Homework 10%

    Book List

                   The following books will be read during class throughout the school year:

                    Lord of the Flies by William Golding

                    Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

                    To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee


    School Supply List


          1 ½” binder
          Pkg. of note cards
          1 pkg. divider
          1 composition book
          1 box of Kleenex




    If there is a question or concern, please email me at ccornutt@gvisd.org or call 817-866-4520.


    Cheryl Cornutt