Social Studies

  • 5th Grade Social Studies United States History
    Theresa Clayton
    Conference 2:15-3:15
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    817/866-4600, Ext:4653    
                                                                                                                                                               5th Grade Social Studies
    What we are learning:
    1st Nine Weeks:  These United States: A Varied Landscape; Thinking Like an Historian; Coming to America (Exploring and Colonizing America); Unrest and Rebellion (Fighting for Independence)
    2nd Nine Weeks: A New Nation (Founding of the United States); An American Identity; Migration Westward
    3rd Nine Weeks:  Civil War; A New Century (Transitioning to a Modern America); Challenging Times (Emerging as a World Power)
    4th Nine Weeks:  An Anxious Nation (Creating a More Perfect Union); The United States Today
    Student needs to Know:
    Students will need to know the fifty states and capitals and be able to place them on a map.
    Students will need to know their name, address and phone number.
    Current Events:
    Each student will turn in and report on at least 4 current events during the 9 week period.  We will be working on these during class time. Students will be given due dates to write in their planners at the begining of each 9 week period. We will be using websites, such as: DOGO news and Newsela. They will have to read the article and type or write in the information that is needed for the outline.  They will need to use capital letters and punctuation.