Reading/Social Studies

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    Mrs. Moore
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  • Reading Textbook Homework:

        Weekly story from reading textbook will be sent home to be read out loud for homework. The following day your child will take an AR test on the story. A nine weeks AR homework grade will be given. Watch their planner for the day of the week.  

    Library Books:

        Each nine weeks your child will have a 9 week AR reading goal assignment. The number of points your child must have for the nine weeks will be listed in their AR folder as well as the level of books they need to be reading from. A grade will be given at the end of the nine weeks based on if they have reached their AR Goal.  This reading is independent and needs to be done at home.  Some class time may be given if child has spare time in class.   If your child meets their AR goal for the first/second and third/fourth 9 weeks they are eligible for a first semester and second semester award to be determined.  If your child misses the first or third nine weeks goal, they may make up those points next nine weeks.

    Genre Challenge:

            The Challenge for third grade consists of reading books from each of the following Genres and making a 70 or above on an AR test on that book. Genres -- biography, fantasy, historical fiction legend and tall tale, non-fiction factual, poetry, and realistic fiction.  Your student must read 3 pictures books and one chapter book from each genre. Deadline for completing the challenge is March 10, 2023. 


    (If you are a school employee or have access to AR in any way, your student may not take AR tests in your classroom after school hours.  This creates an unfair advantage for some students.  This is especially true for the Genre challenge.  Your student may take tests during regular school hours or at designated after school events such as Book Club. Tests are time stamped and will be deleted if taken after hours.)



    Here is a link to the Genre Challenge Books



    Social Studies Info



         Social Studies homework will be work that can not be completed in class.  I will try very hard for them NOT to have homework, but sometimes, it can't be helped.  There may also be a project or two throughout the year as it pertains to our studies that quarter.