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    Greetings from Mrs. Varner to all the third graders and their families.


    My philosophy is to love the child and teach them a life-long love of learning. I try to teach by example---I read to them daily and I have grown former students who still ask, “Do you still read books to the class?” Reading is the key to all learning and a foundation in good reading skills will help your child in all areas of his or her learning. This year I will try to inspire them by reading science and history books.


    Science will be a new area for us to explore.  I will be doing lots of learning along with the students.  I am very excited about doing many experiments and hands on activities. We will be keeping a Science/Social studies journal to keep up with all the new and interesting things we will be learning.


    My other great passion is for Social Studies. I have a legacy of many years teaching history and government. I am patriotic and hope to instill a sense of patriotism in all my students. If I could make them realize the importance of being a good citizen and the responsibilities that go with it, I feel my job has been successful.


    Please do not hesitate to e-mail or call me with any concerns. My e-mail is svarner@gvisd.org. and the school phone number is (817) 866-4600. Conference time is 11:15-12:15 daily.

    Thank you for sharing your child with me  and I hope to see  you soon!