• Welcome to my website! This is my first year at Grandview and I could not be more excited to take this journey with you. I will be teaching my favorite subject, biology, and I look forward to making it your student's favorite subject as well. I will also be coaching the UIL Biology team in the spring. Below you will find information about my daily schedule as well as ways to contact me. I'm always eager to hear from you to help our students in the best way possible. Let's make it a great year!

  • me

  • Room Number: 302

    Email: vhuggins@gvisd.org

    School Phone: 817-866-452


    1st Period - Biology (8:02-8:55)    5th Period - Biology (12:28-1:13)

    2nd Period - Biology (8:58-9:43)   6th Period - Biology(1:16-2:01)

    3rd Period - Biology(9:46-10:31)    7th Period - Conference(2:04-2:49)

    4th Period - Biology (10:34-11:19)   8th Period - Biology(2:52-3:37)

    Advisory (11:22-11:52)

    Lunch (11:55-12:25)